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We are a team of professionals who seek the good of its elements and our business partners, through excellence, quality, punctuality, efficiency and cordiality in all services and work we offer.


  • NRA’s control PANEL
  • Automatic opening device
  • RWA smoke extractor
    Model: Phöenix
  • Copper tubing
  • RWA smoke extractor. Model: Smokejet


Our every day challenge is to provide the best service. We offer perfection from planning to delivery. It is important for us that our products and services comply with the legal and current safety rules and regulations, and above all, that they correspond to the concepts of the customers. Bortek and RODA are your most competent partners for industrial and multifunctional buildings. Our success is the result of a solid and effective customer service, providing reasonable and suitable solutions to problems while maintaining profitable conditions.

Equipment certification

The equipment has the manufacturer certification and the installation is tested under the Vds standar.

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